August 29, 2021

Conrad C144S outfitting moves to the next phase

After her steel hull and alloy superstructure have been completed and moved to outfitting shed, C144S has undergone a total sandblasting and primer coating, as well as complete painting of hull inside including engine room and technical spaces, followed by insulation works ā€“ labour-intensive jobs completed to the highest standards by experienced long-term partners. Insulation works were still in progress when in-house team of skilled painters started complex and intricate process of hull and superstructure fairing which will keep them busy until October 2021. At the same time wiring, plumbing and installation works throughout the yacht are started and well underway, including installation of main equipment that began this Summer. Interior fit-out process commenced as well, C144Sā€™ interior bulkheads are now completed and assembling of guests and crew accommodations continues.