February 11, 2021

CONRAD C144S structure ready

On this February winter day, the finished structure of the C144S yacht was put into the outfitting hall for the next stage of production. The operation of shifting the yacht from the site of prefabrication was an amazing opportunity to see the entire silhouette of the yacht live for the first time. The body of the hull with the superstructure on top during transportation showed in full splendour the impressive and muscular lines designed by Reymond Langton.
In parallel with hull structure, the shipyard is intensively working on the production of the interior for the yacht and all the installations and equipment. The yacht owner of the first C144S unit is expected to visit the shipyard in mid-March. Coming visit will be great opportunity to walk on the deck for the first time and also to inspect readymade interior for the crew compartment and the first furniture for the luxurious living areas of the yacht which are under in-house production in Conrad.