August 10, 2021

We are Poland Expo 2020 ambassador

We are proud of our participation in Expo and our yachts and work.

Participation in Expo 2020 and invitation to the group of Ambassadors is, on the one hand, appreciating the efforts of our company in building a Polish brand in the world, and on the other hand, an honor of representing Poland through our products. For us, participation in the Expo is also a presentation of the heritage and culture of our region and Gdańsk city, as well as its maritime and shipbuilding legacy.

Do you want to know what materials are used to build luxurious yachts? Let’s talk at “The Polish Table” in the Pavilion of Poland at #Expo2020Dubai. One of the special modules of this interactive installation will be made of aluminum, carbon fibres and wood used in the top world’s shipyards.

Mikołaj Król, the Chairman & CEO tells explains a process of its creation: “The special module will be a collage inspired by the nature and specificity of our production. The yacht has to face the element of water, and its production is like taming the other elements. Steel, aluminum, wood, stone and thousands of components from around the world. Welding, grinding, building, painting and finishing works is a long and complicated process. Our special module presents a palette of the main materials we use, but also shows them in various stages of their processing, from their raw form to the final luxury product”.
Be welcome to discover more in the „Poland. A home of creativity” zone in the Pavilion of Poland.